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“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”…Frederick Douglass

Dear Son,

This past Saturday was Valentine’s Day. For reference this is the day you are supposed to make mommy a card and buy her flowers. Please remember this for the rest of your life.

Now, while most people were out celebrating love with flowers, chocolates and a nice dinner, there were millions of women around the world watching a movie. This movie wasn’t like the Lego movie or Big Hero 6, because those movies actually featured real love. Instead these women were watching a movie entitled “50 Shades of Grey.”

The storyline of this movie is that a young handsome Billionaire named Christian Grey seduces a young virgin girl (mommy will explain that later) into a relationship by buying her extravagant things, such as a car, taking her on over the top dates in his helicopter, and randomly appearing at her job, home and when she is in need of help. The plot thickens when she realizes that he is into a form of “love making” that involves beatings and bondage.

Now, let me be very clear from this point out. Nothing about this movie is a Love Story.

Son, when a man seduces a young woman who clearly is unaware of her own power and lacks self esteem, this does not make him attractive…..this makes him a predator.

When a man uses his money to buy a girl gifts as rewards for sleeping with him….. this is called prostitution.

When a man who lives hours away, appears at a girl’s job in which she did not invite him or even tell him about …..this is stalking.

When a women screams in agony as she is being beaten by a whip and is tied up in bondage…..this is at the very least, Abuse.

And when a woman says no at any point before or during “love making”, and a man continues ….. this is rape.

Yes son, all of these things are wrong.

And unfortunately the launch of this movie is a clear sign that your generation will need extra love and attention. Not because you’ve done anything wrong, but because this is a where mommy’s from my generation spent their day of love. Movies like this exist only with the purpose of creating generations upon generations of psychologically damaged men and women.

To be completely honest, before this became a movie, mommy read this story when it was a book. In fact I read all (3) books. However at the time, mommy was still growing into love and had not fully realized what love really meant. Like many of these women, I too was intrigued at the possessive nature of the lead character and thought that his controlling and stalking behavior was a sign of love. I’ve soon grown and learned otherwise.

Now, you are probably wondering why I am telling you this. So let me be clear, there will be NO “Fifty Shades of Michael”.

I am raising you to be a man that respects and values women. More importantly I am raising you to be a man that also respects and values self. And with that you need to first understand that many people will not get this lesson from their mommies. They unfortunately will rely on these kinds of movies to create their definition of self and love. So before anyone dares tell you otherwise this is not love.

Sadly, I will not be able to define love for you. This lesson you will have to learn on your own, just like mommy has. I can and will however guide you towards it.

Love you always.