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“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring”…..-Marilyn Monroe

Dear Mikey,

You have two really large front teeth.

Let that settle in for a few minutes…..

To help, allow me to paint a picture just so you know what you are working with. Picture a little bunny getting ready to eat a carrot. As he opens his mouth, his two front teeth glisten and shine as he nibbles away. Now insert image of yourself nibbling carrot.

In fact, that may be your nickname when you get to the big boy school……”Bunny”or “Bugs” or “Wabbit” or any derivation of those names. Let’s face it, kids are mean. So brace yourself for all sorts of nicknames.

On the bright side,  mommy is a personal expert on having big front teeth. When mommy was growing up, I had two big front teeth too ….and I hated them.

I was always very self-conscious of my teeth and even tried to not open my mouth when I smiled. As you can imagine this lead to some pretty silly pictures. But the difference between your two front teeth and mommy’s is that mommy sees yours as beautiful imperfection.

Your two front teeth add personality and flare to your already beautiful smile. When you smile those choppers glisten, giving light and sparkle to any dull day. When you talk, those two bunny teeth command and require attention. And when you smile, I see an imperfect, yet amazingly beautiful person.

Son, for some sad reason it is always easier to see the beauty in someone else versus ourselves. It took me 30 years to realize how beautiful my two front teeth were but only 1 second to see the beauty in yours. Mommy spent so many wasted years obsessing over things that no one even saw but me.

Self-image is a tricky thing my dear. It is built on a faulty image of perfection that you create in your mind and many times with no help from anyone else, you start adding unattainable criteria that only bring that image down. So before you start creating an image of yourself as the next James Bond, mommy is here to say, you have two big front teeth, yet you are amazingly beautiful.

So glad I recognized this in you so I too could start smiling again 🙂